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Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) is a SIMPLE, PAINLESS, NATURAL and NON-INVASIVE TECHNIQUE that helps ALLEVIATE EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL PROBLEMS and IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. TFT works rather like Acupuncture without needles. You tap gently with your fingers on various parts of your upper body, face and hands. TFT has the potential to help you MOVE FORWARD, especially if you have experienced PAST TRAUMATIC EVENTS, you are in an EMOTIONAL, STRESSFUL OR PAINFUL SITUATION or you feel you are NOT REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. You can apply it daily for your entire family. EVERYONE CAN LEARN THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY®.

So if you are looking to make a FRESH START, gain some PEACE OF MIND, boost your PERFORMANCE and your QUALITY OF LIFE,  contact Aurélie Guardino on 0330 2231 285 to discover how to achieve the above with the help of THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY® (Callahan Techniques®) - the technique to ELIMINATE ALL ROOT CAUSE OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.

 Aurélie Guardino is a THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY PRACTITIONER, who runs affordable SELF-TREAT WORKSHOPS (10 people maximum) and provides treatment in INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS.

Eventbrite - Stress, Anxieties & Fears Management - Self-Treat TFT Workshop


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